Hindi learning course online

Is this course really a "hack?"

Yes and No. "Hindi Hacks" is really about helping students listen for the key verbs and phrases that matter to skip the fluff and start speaking quickly.

We don't start where everyone else begins with Devnagari or irrelevant, complex grammar. We start with the phrases you need to know right away so you can comprehend and talk about basic topics.

Based off Experience

"Hindi Hacks" is not only based off Jessica's experience of learning fluent Hindi for the last 16 years, but off the experiences of observing hundreds of other Hindi learners' successes and failures.

Modern Language

Learn common language that people actually speak, rather than fluff or book knowledge. Learn to cut to the chase to get the most valuable vocabulary and phrases.

Learn Quickly

Start practicing right away with these tips for immediate use in whatever environment you're in.