Hindi Grammar simplified

Hindi grammar is much easier than you think with the right formulas and methods. In this course, we go through the most commonly used verbs and conjugate them methodically so you can learn to put the pieces of language together on your own.

This is my most robust course yet with over 30 lessons, accompanied with additional audio files, homework and other resources to help you achieve spoken fluency.

What is included in Hindi Grammar Foundations?

  • 30+ instructional videos
  • printable study guides for each lessons
  • 40+ printable practice homework for each lesson with answer key provided
  • printable vocab sheets
  • audio files to practice on your own
  • multiple POV from two teachers
  • other resources!

What will I learn in this course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • construct a sentence on your own
  • answer the most common questions Hindi speakers ask in normal conversation
  • ask culturally relevant and clear questions
  • speak in first person about your activities
  • speak in second person about someone else's activities
  • conjugate the most commonly used verbs.
  • use dozens of new vocabulary words in context.
Diverse Perspectives

Abhishek Benedict, Founder of Language Nurturer, has joined me on this course as a grammar expert. With almost a decade of teaching foreigners how to speak Hindi, he brings a clear and cheerful persona to the challenging topics of Hindi grammar.

He brings a gentle yet effective method to learning.

Research Based

Aside from being a Hindi learner for almost 20 years, I've also helped hundreds of students improve their Hindi.

From my professional life in the IT profession, to taking part of linguistics conferences, I'm committed to offering the most up to date learning methods.

My goal is to help other non-native Hindi speakers and NRIs connect deeply with this beautiful language and culture.

Committed to empowering native speakers

All of our courses and resources are based on empowering native Hindi teachers and keeping them at the center of the conversation.

This course includes high quality resources created by native speakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take this if I'm a beginner?

A: Yes! This course is for beginners in spoken Hindi.

Q: How is this course different from other online courses?

A: Instead of teaching through the easiest to most complex ideas like textbooks or YouTube videos do, we have taken a different approach. We focus on the concepts you need to discuss first as you meet people in your daily life. Some of those concepts require advanced knowledge of Hindi. We make the difficult concepts simple when providing context to help you communicate with ease and avoid fumbling, even with challenging grammatical manipulations.

Q: What will I be able to say after I finish this course?

A: You will be able to talk about what you are doing (first person) and ask questions about what other people are doing (second person) in present tense and future tense.

By the end of the course, you will have dozens of new phrases to use and practice in every day life and the tools to make sentences and questions on your own.

Q: Do I need to know Devanagari script for this course?

A: No, but I do utilize Devanagari references from time to time, so that those who already know how to read can make connections for pronunciation.

Q: Can I take this if I haven't taken your other courses?

A: This course builds on material from Hindi Hacks, but doesn't require you to take Hindi Hacks. I've designed them so you can take both without overlap.